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AlarmLINK is a security app that allows you to easily interact with your intelligent security systems from anywhere in the world from your mobile device.

The app contains four useful features for businesses, helping to reduce costs and protect people and property.

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Arm / Disarm

The arm / disarm feature allows to you control alarm systems from your mobile phone. It has the secondary benefit of reducing the frequency of physical contact people have with keypads and buttons.


We can enable your automated security systems, such as alarms, doors, lights, gates and much more to be controlled by the AlarmLINK security app. This gives you control of all connected systems from your smart device.


If you have employees working alone or in remote locations, the panic alarm feature will help you with health and safety requirements. If activated, the app sends your employee’s geo location to the HSM monitoring station where we can mobilise an immediate response.


You can retrieve up to one month’s history of your security system activity log with AlarmLINK, which records all activity from all connected devices. AlarmLINK complies with Australian and New Zealand standards AS 2201.5 2008.

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