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What is a building WOF and why do you need one?

Every building owner needs to renew a BWoF (building warrant of fitness) annually. The compliance certificate needs to be displayed to prove the building’s life safety systems have been inspected and maintained.

Failing to comply to the standards set out in a building WOF can result in hefty fines upwards of $20,000 or a possible building shutdown. Would your business survive the consequences of an enforced building shutdown, bringing daily operations to a sudden halt, or a crippling financial penalty?

Protect your ability to operate your business by remaining compliant without taking your core focus off your daily operations. HSM’s team of registered IQP’s (Independent Qualified Person) are trained and authorised to undertake the inspection, maintenance and reporting procedures listed on the compliance schedule and issue Form 12As.

Our building WOF services include:

Taking a proactive, hands-on approach to help you identify potential problem areas before they become a problem and rectifying non-compliant systems.

Ensuring you meet the minimum requirements as set out in the Building Code. Liaising with the council on your behalf to ensure you meet all the legal obligations of a building owner as prescribed by the Ministry.

Fire Evacuation Plan

If you have more than 10 people in a building a fire evacuation plan is required to fulfil your B.W.O.F.

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