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CCTV/VSS (Video Surveillance Systems) are ideal for monitoring your business when you’re not physically present. We supply covert and overt CCTV/VSS solutions, including IP technologies and can integrate our technology with access control, intercom and alarm systems.

CCTV/VSS cameras are connected to a television monitor enabling us to view live action from our client’s property at our monitoring station.

Our CCTV/VSS systems also allow us to make public address announcements via the internet, in real time, to deter intruders as they step over the boundary.

CCTV/VSS camera monitoring

CCTV/VSS units with internet viewing capability can give you insights that may prove invaluable in protecting your property and assets. Monitoring allows us to quickly identify risks, including vandalism, damage or theft, and allows us to protect any employees that might be on site. Capturing footage is useful for addressing security concerns later or as evidence if needed.

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