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Our house security systems include basic first line of defence installations like alarms through to systems using sophisticated biometric access control and smart technology.

We are experts in security solutions for the residential sector. Using state of the art technology and cutting edge products, we are at the forefront of keeping Kiwi’s safe nationwide.

Our house security systems and products will give you total peace of mind that you, your family property and assets are in the safest hands.

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We have many more quality products from the world’s leading suppliers and solutions for every individual and home.

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Security Installations

Security Mobile App

Our security app allows you to access and control your smart security system from your smart mobile device anywhere in the world…

Security Systems

There is a big range of security systems and products for the home, allowing us to customise a solution specific to you…

Security Technology

Smart security technology enhances home alarm systems and security, acting as a more effective deterrent to intruders…


CCTV is the best way to keep a close eye on your property while you’re away, alerting you to and capturing footage of an intrusion…

Gate Automation

Automatic gates allow you to enter and leave your property without having to get out of your car or leave it unattended while you open a gate…

Intercom Systems

Installing an intercom system is very useful if you need to communicate without being in the same room…


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