Fire Suppression Systems – Gas/Powder Systems

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Commercial fire protection systems use gas or powder to suffocate fires quickly and efficiently. They’re your first line of defence, protecting your valuable assets.

Automatic fire suppression systems can be designed and installed directly into a specific area of a building, a vehicle or a piece of equipment.

FirePro Aerosol Systems

These systems intuitively detect and extinguish a fire without human intervention in the early stages before it can spread. This leads to significant reductions in damage and loss while protecting your assets as well as minimising threat to human life.

The application of these systems is diverse and can be used, for example, to protect large switchboards, server rooms, sensitive equipment and machinery, plant sites, temperature controlled electronic and computer rooms, and marine and land vehicles.

Contact us to see how we can help protect your specialised or expensive assets through a custom designed automatic fire suppression system, either gas / powder or sprinkler.

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