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HSM participate in Futureopoly careers event


HSM took part in the Futureopoly careers event organised by The Graeme Dingle Foundation at the Hawkes Bay Showgrounds. Wednesday 5th June.  This was a fantastic opportunity for HSM to engage with local high school students and showcase the diverse career options available within the company.  By utilising a game structure, the event successfully encouraged students to explore alternative pathways beyond traditional college routes.

Our guard manager, Jay-ar Peñano, and fellow employee Renae Tapara, did a wonderful job representing HSM and providing valuable insights into both the monitoring and guarding divisions, with Renae having had direct experience in both areas.  The students attend and visit different work stations over the course of the day to engage in activities or interview employers, earning stickers rewarding their participation and achievement.  This reward system added a fun and motivating element to the event.

At the HSM stand, the use of Virtual Reality training headsets was a standout feature, offering students a realistic glimpse into the challenges and scenarios they might encounter in a security career.  They also touched on other areas such as careers as technicians and it was great to see the students respond positively and recognise the potential of working at HSM beyond just the security roles which they had originally thought was all that HSM offered.

Both HSM attendees and the students gained from the experience and Jay-ar was impressed with how engaged students were and their recognition of the HSM brand.  The feedback from the Graeme Dingle Foundation representatives underscores the impact of HSM’s presence at the event, with students now considering the company as an appealing workplace with diverse career opportunities.

Looking ahead, HSM are enthusiastic about further such events and are brainstorming new and innovative activities to engage students, which will enhance the experience for both attendees and the company. This proactive approach to engaging potential future employees is key to nurturing talent and building a strong workforce pipeline.

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