HSM enhances sprinkler team

HSM Group enhances Sprinkler Fitter Team with experienced trio

In a bid to bolster its expertise in fire protection systems, HSM Group proudly welcomes Anoop, Sudheesh, and Jahed to its esteemed team of sprinkler fitters. This trio brings a wealth of experience and skills to the table, elevating HSM’s capabilities in delivering top-notch services to clients across various projects.

Anoop, with a strong background as an electromechanical technician, boasts over 11 years of hands-on experience in managing and maintaining fire protection systems in the Middle East. His proficiency spans a wide variety of tasks, including sprinkler installation, LPG piping, and the implementation of various fire alarm and suppression systems. With a proven track record in project management, Anoop’s arrival promises heightened efficiency and quality in every endeavour.



Sudheesh, a seasoned fire sprinkler and piping specialist, brings over 9 years of expertise garnered from his time in Bahrain. His forte is adept management of both large-scale and smaller projects in the fabrication and installation of fire sprinkler piping. Sudheesh’s versatility extends beyond borders, having contributed his skills to projects not only in Bahrain but also in India and Kenya. His leadership acumen and technical prowess make him a valuable asset to HSM’s expanding team.



Jahed, whose journey began in Bangladesh before honing his craft in Singapore, is also a proficient fire protection equipment technician. With hands-on experience in overseeing the installation of sprinkler pipes, fire alarm devices, and suppression systems, Jahed brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His adeptness in project management, coupled with a history of leading large teams, underscores his capability in ensuring the seamless delivery of projects from inception to completion.




Currently, Anoop and Jahed are embarking on a substantial project at KiwiLumber in Masterton, where their expertise will be instrumental in delivering a successful three-month-long installation. Meanwhile, Sudheesh is spearheading a separate team at Eskdale Primary School, demonstrating his leadership prowess in managing another significant installation project.

Matt Stevenson, the CEO of HSM Group, expresses utmost enthusiasm about the trio’s swift integration into the team. He highlights their immediate impact in sharing invaluable insights and knowledge with their colleagues, thus enriching the collective expertise of HSM’s sprinkler teams. Mr Stevenson emphasizes the pivotal role of Anoop, Jahed, and Sudheesh in fortifying HSM’s commitment to delivering world-class services to its clientele.

As HSM Group continues to prioritise excellence and innovation in its operations, the addition of Anoop, Jahed, and Sudheesh underscores its dedication to delivering superior customer service. Their collective experience, coupled with HSM’s unwavering commitment to quality, sets the stage for continued success and unparalleled service delivery in the realm of fire protection systems.



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