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Automatic Fire Suppression – Fire Sprinkler Systems

“Sprinkler systems have become the most widely used and most reliable automatic means of fire protection.  Fire Sprinkler systems automatically detect a fire, transmit an alarm as a result of water flow and control or extinguish the fire.  They are located in places where people cannot always be present and operate only as needed in the immediate vicinity of the fire.  They have important life safety connotations, and can prevent fires from reaching destructive proportions which may mean the difference between a minor interruption and a prolonged or permanent shutdown.”

– Sprinklers Simplified, Standards Australia

Insurance underwriters recognize the reduction of risk as a result of sprinkler installations and significant discounts may be applicable when they are installed.

Sprinklers reduce the risk of serious business interruption caused by fire or smoke.  Many businesses that suffer a serious fire never fully recover from the lose of customers and the continuity they provide during the rebuild.

Automatic Fire Sprinklers provide significant protection for the occupants of a building, large or small, as well as reducing the impact on the environment that a major fire could have.

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